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The Agh scared me O_O
Otherwise, i thought it was really funny. I loved the original series btw, but this was really good too ^_^

from a chinese..

i wish my teachers taught chinese like that.

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disturbingly good.

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Cute, easy to play, i like it!


i can't complete it, stuck at the part where i see a silhouette of a boy run away if i approach too near. i believe its the end of the waterworks map. there seems to be a springboard kind of thing, but i can't use it effectively. frustrating. i'll give this a decent rating due to the nice art and animation so far. i can't say i appreciate the creepy atmosphere, makes me all tense and grumpy. these kinda themes are getting pretty common these days, aren't they? but still its good to promote awareness of how technology is all good. yeah i went to read the other reviews. haha. so i kinda get a gist of it.

Oh no.

i can't cross 10/15!!! Aaaaahhh!!
other than that, i think the experience was fun.
perhaps you should have difficulty levels, so the noobs don't miss out on the fun :D

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1:39 of awesome

i can't wait to hear the full song. and it actually loops! :D

aweesome!! XD

i smiled so much listening to this. great job. i think i have a soft spot for jpop and dubstep. and this had both, in fantastic balance. too bad its pretty short, and not loopable.

infinite loop = infinite bliss!

i could listen to this forever. it loops so perfectly. love you! :D

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I love how the colours look so 'juicy', but the next thought that struck me was.. Surprise butt secks!!

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awesome colours

The tiger looks a little squinty, but the colours are fantastic. This kinda reminds me of those chinese paintings, just much better. I love how the tiger's tail end fades into the clouds, it makes it quite 3d, like the tiger's trying to pounce out of the screen xD great job


at first i thought this was a photo of a cosplay so i wanted to review how the girl was so pretty, then i realised it wasn't. its a DRAWING!!! woww! thats some serious effort!! it looks fantastic, thanks for this awesome addition to ng! xD

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lol. this account is ancient. just realised i had one and unearthed it in my email. god bless gmail. i don't do flash, maybe i'd do some audio if i have the time.

26, Female

nerd. :( for now.

cgss. who cares. :3

front of the com. Duh. ;p


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